English Teaching



Interested in improving your English language skills? Want to improve the English language fluency of your employees? Want to practise discussing music, film or finance? Want to improve your IELTS results?

I offer:

  • One-on-one English tutoring
  • Group sessions prepared to suit learner goals

Price for one-on-one lessons:

  • One-on-one English tutoring  (60 minutes; 90 minutes) – €30 / €45

I can focus your lessons on whatever you want to work on: Business English, speaking fluency, grammar or writing.

Usually, some knowledge of English grammar is needed to succeed in perfecting English, particularly if you want to write in English. However, everyone learns differently so I attempt to match my lessons to your specific goals and interests.

I will provide you with the opportunity to set your own learning pace and goals, guiding you along the way to success.

I can visit you or find a mutually beneficial location for lessons.

Price of Group lessons:

  • Group sessions: Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I am available to work in-house with employees or in small impromptu classes of friends.